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S 4.4.16 file location \ Onedrive

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Some reason my light-o-rama looking for my files in user\Christmas\ Documents\Light-o-rama. . That location my ONE DRIVE. Which been pain in my butt, I don't even want it, causes to many problems.
I have 4.4.16

I think this stupid one drive is screwing me up. I never had it on my other computer. Files in my Sequence folder all have a red x .

When I go to my sequence editor program it says " Cannot find files or folder:" C\Users\Christmas\Documents|Light-o-Rama\Sequences.
When I go to the file on the computer directly and click location says C:\Users\Christmas\OneDrive\Documents|Light-O-Rama\Sequence.
My old computer crashed, This is a new computer, I never run s4 on this yet.. First time trying to run it with this computer.


 OMG files to large for here. cant post pictures. I tried to send a ticket, but LOR wont let me for some reason.

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Look for LORPost.exe in your Light-O-Rama Program Files directory. Run that, and change the location from there.

If LORPost can find the sequences/audio, it will copy them to the new location. If it can't find them, you will have to copy them over manually.

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