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problem with lights going on but not off


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In the beginning i tested my sequence and it was working oke.
Now i conneting all the light and something weird happend.

Circuits 3/4/5/6 go on and stay on they only go off when i take the plug out or the cable to the usb485B

it was working oke but now i have this problem.
I tryed to solve it myself and i discoverd that the adaptor on the lights (in my country (Netherlands all the outside lights have adaptors )) is causing the problem.

When i use a lightbulb without the adaptor it works fine. Can i do something about the adaptor??

I read that it is possible to reset the hardware but i don't know how
(is it set unit on 1 and searching for network??)

I'm using CTB16PC ver.4.0.2

i only have the problem with circiut 3/4 and 6

anybody any idea

(sorry for my english i do my best :(

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Hai Brain,

No i tryed a total diverend sting of lights and it turns on but will not go off.

It only works with al lightbulb (regular indoor lamp) without adaptor

my idea is that it is because of the adaptor

Is this possible and what can i do about it??

or do you have another idea

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I assume by adapter you mean a transformer for 120 V to 220 V so that you can run your lights.

If that is correct then I think the problem is the feedback from the transformer is tripping the Triac. There has been a lot of discussion about this problem as it relates to LEDs but I have not seen a good solution.

You can try and find 120 V lights to replace the current strings or modify the strings you have to plug directly into the LOR. IF you modify you have to remove almost half the lights or accept lower brightness.

Is the LOR running on 220 or 120?


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The Lor is running 220V

and i mean transformers for the light strings

24V-50hz, 8,4W

1,5V, 70mA, 8,4W (80 light per string)

in channel 3/4/5 and 6 is 1 string.

Channel 2 has also a string and it works correct.

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We in Australia also have transformer adaptors on outside light strings. In general, I find these work without problems, however, there has been a lot of discussion related to channels staying on if the load is too low. Your 8.4W transformers are at the low end and this may be your problem. Last year, I used a number of similar rated transformers on a 1 string/channel basis and all worked fine, however when I started testing this year, I have one channel which comes on and stays on. In further testing it to-day, I found I could get correct operation if I added some more load to that channel. You could do this by adding a second string of lights (with transformer), or by adding some other load which switches with the channel but is not seen as part of the show.

Another possible cause could be related to the type of adaptor transformer being used with the lights. Up until this year, nearly all the adaptors supplied in Australia were iron core transformers which worked well with LOR. This year I have found however that many of the adaptors being supplied are classified as MEPS adaptors (required to meet Minimum Energy Performance Requirements). These are lighter in weight and presumably do not include a transformer but some form of electronic circuitry. While I have not had a need to test these with LOR, I have a feeling that these may not work, particularly if dimming is used.

Hope this helps - Geoff

PS Australia also uses 240V 50Hz AC mains supply for power. This higher voltage mandates the need for low voltage adaptors for exterior lighting for safety reasons.

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Geoff Harvey

i think you found the problem.... When i plug an extra lamp on that channel (ex. 4) than it works fine...

So what i have to do is plug extra mini lights in the channels 3/4/5 and 6

So one cord with transformer is not oke for the Lor...

Strang but i'm happy that i found the answer....

If there is an ather sollution then mine let me please know

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Thank God you got it working guys... over the last few days Ive watched transformer after transformer stop operating on and off on my display. I now have 4 circuits that come on and stay on. Began panicing a bit when I read another post on here that suggested the whole board was dying. I will load up the circuits this evening and see how they fair! Many thanks

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-- update:

I loaded up the circuits as you all suggested. Worked a treat - although my consumer unit is now buzzing in time with the lights and the extra load!! ;)

Although I have found that its becoming a game of cat and mouse. As I load up some circuits more, the others that are also lightly loaded - but were not an issue previously, begin to play up as well.

So far, I have extra incandescent lamps, fans and all sorts of stuff connected up in my garage to get the channels operating as required!! :D

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