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I have ShowTime Central, can I add LOR singing faces?


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I'm really confusing myself. We purchased and successfully used ShowTime Central with 32 channels last Christmas season. For this year, I wanted to add the singing faces and when I saw them for sale on the LOR website during the Labor Day weekend, I purchased those as well, thinking they can be added to ShowTime Central. But, now as I've been reading more on the singing faces I'm confused as to whether I can add them to the ShowTime Central Starter Package we already have. For my questions:

1) Can the singing faces be added to the ShowTime Central Package? 

2) If yes, do I need to purchase anything else special to make this happen (aside from the premade motionpak sequences/or upgraded software version)? 

3) Also if yes, I purchased all 4 faces, can ShowTime Central support all 4? 

4) If not, what are my options/what would you do? 

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1- No, you will need the Advanced or Pro Level for those controllers

2- same as above

3- Once you upgrade -yes

Upgrade, import the prop files from LOR website from the Preview Design, add sequence and enjoy

*** Edit *** You should also update your software to the latest version 5.64

Any questions feel free to PM me


The LOR singing Quartet is awesome and a great hit in my community. One of my favorite songs, but they are all my favorites.


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