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200x200 Animation Limitation??


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In an Animation Sequence, I imported my background image (1024x888) and clicked the + button twice to up the resolution of the "pixels" in the animation window. This resulted in a 296x341 grid in the "size" box on the top left.
I drew my entire scene (300+ channels) and saved the file. I then exported the channel configuration and created a new Musical Sequence and imported my channel configuration previously saved.
I then bring up the animation. When clicking buttons in the animation window, i periodically get a pop-up error saying "Please enter a value between 1 and 200". Sometimes it will happen every time a click a button, sometimes it will only do it once.

Now that i'm having problems, I started searching I see casual reference of a 200x200 limit in one post on the forum and a mention in the release notes.
Is this a hard limit that i've somehow been allowed to break? Or am I experiencing another issue.

If this is a limit, why did it let me created a larger grid?


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LOR 1 has a 200 x 200 limit on the resolution in the animation grid. LOR II does not impose this limitation. Some of my files have a grid up to 560 x 760. I have seen the "Please enter a value between 1 and 200" error on a few occasions. But I was never able to get it to repeat on demand so I was not able to get to the root cause. Closing the file and re-opening it seemed to correct the problem. If you send me a copy of your sequence and background image file, I'd be glad to take a look at it see what I can find.


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