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testing a sequence

Dan Ancona

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I have both an 8 channel and a 16 channel controllers that are stand alone types. I have been playing with the 8 channel trying / testing sequences. Question is - does the sequence need to be 'downloaded' into the controller from the hardware utility to run or is there another way to see how it would look? (not animation) Also, I noticed last night that the system would error out a few times and when that happens I would see one channel "flash" quickly while downloading.

Second issue: clicking the Delete radio button. (hardware utility) This does not acually delete the sequence - or should it??

Third issue: I had one sequence that would not upload due to 'too large file size" and it was really I think small.

Thanks in advance...


posted in the wrong forum....

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No the sequence does not have to be downloaded into the controller. You can have the controllers hooked to your computer and play them either from the sequence editor OR within a show.

Pressing the delete button on the HWU in the area for standalone mode will delete any sequence in the controller. Will not delete the sequence from your computer.

In stand alone mode there is no way to have multiple sequences in the controller. I believe that each time you load a sequence it will overwrite the previous one that was there.


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