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Blown Bulb Sequences Is OPEN!


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YES! Thanks! Nice job! It’s been and still is a really busy year for me at work. Sequencing for me has been at a stand still….. you have so many RGB props with all different numbers of nodes. They can transfer easily without messing with any timing. Everything looks great. I can’t wait to see it in person this year. 

The Spinner, the Circles, the 16x50 tree, The matrix, your columns, the mini trees. All of it looks awesome. 

That spinner is wild!

This is going to be the ticket to new RGB people and the ones who have been doing it for years who want to add a few more songs but don’t have the time. 
Shoot even if you do have the time. Lol 

Thank you both Dan and Greg. 

looking forward to it all. 


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Thanks for the kind words. We have a lot coming once they get migrated over to S5. Also several new ones are in the works right now.

You are customer number one so I guess I should post a picture of you on the site. Kind of like the first dollar one would make. :)

But seriously, I will take a video of the sequence playing on your house if you don't mind.

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28 minutes ago, ebrown1972 said:

Nice work guys. What files do you send when the sequences are purchased? Thanks.

It comes with the S5 loredit file if its a house sequence, the matrix comes with the LMS and SUP file, and the faces are LMS.

The house sequence will also include the graphic files needed for the columns. It will be a zip file that you download due to the size of the sequences.

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