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Leaping Arches with a Slotted PVC Channel

Star Lord

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Has anyone tried this?  Instead of wrapping the LEDs all around the PVC, this gentleman rips a single slot down the length of the PVC, then inserts the LEDs in single file down inside the length of the rip.  I kinda like it because you might be able to use fewer lights and save more $$$$. 🙂



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The traditional way of wrapping arches with white LEDs still has a place in my heart as I like the brightness of the arches.  You can wrap Leds on sleeves for better storing etc but as I go into year 14 (2021) of my musical light show I found using Pixels in Pex pipe (not that clear stuff) but the white tubing. & drilling 50 holes measured out to look not that bad. Not as bright as traditional arches but it still looks sharp. My arch is 58 inches long & 36" high. It look like an arch. I put the arch on a 2x4 (not flat but on its edge.) Then attach 1 2x4 (24") on each end to keep it  standing. I insert L- shape PVC elbows into ea end of the tubing & the other part of the elbow I screw to the 2x4. I use Superstar to sequence my arches which saves time.

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