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painting LED's covers


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Heres the low down,

My wife is complaining the she does not light the color of the white LED. She is use to the traditional incandescent bulbs. I already have most of them up, and well I probably cant return them now. I was wondering if anyone has ever painted the bulb casing to match the traditional bulb?? Only my house and garage would be the LED's as the rest would be the traditional bulbs, so I also get the fear that the display wont match. Anyones thoughts are VERY welcome.. Thanks in advance.


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Jeffrey wrote:

Jeff Millard wrote:
I like the traditional look and warm glow of incandescent mini lights.

I'll third that sentiment. ;)

Agreed, Just makes me mad that here in Canada they are starting to up the price of Incadescent stuff to make people "want" to buy LEDs.

And man the selection of LEDs this year is pathetic. Red, Blue, and white. NOTHING ELSE can you believe it??? Crazy

Hord your mini's and c9's they could become obsolete.
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