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Searching for a few


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Hello everyone,

I am searching for a  house sequence for the following if anyone can help me out:

Shelfish Elf
Christmas by Michael Buble
I believe in Santa by Meghan Trainor
Beginning to look alot like Christmas by Michael Buble
Jingle Bell Pop by PTX

I am looking for a house sequence and face sequence for the following:

Hallelujah by Carrie Underwood and John Legend
You make it feel like Christmas by Blake Shelton
Do you want to build a snowman by Mickey Guyton

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Search the forums for these songs and see if there are some threads with these songs already. If there are, request a copy, make sure to read the instructions on the song. And if it’s available, they may share it., if not, there are a few of these over several websites. I know Michael Buble is on LOR sequence website, I know a few of these are on HolidaySequences.com. and I know the I believe in Santa song is floating out there with a certain person who is planning on selling it soon. 

BUT search the forums for each song you are asking...... and best pick you about 3 favorites to request.. it it frowned upon when someone request so may free ones at a time.. idk how you are with sequencing. but take your time. You could do the ones that you can’t find. 
good luck! 

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Since he is local and purchased some controllers from me I have him covered for some stuff. 


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