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S5 Adding a New controller to preview

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Ok  so I finally made the jump to S5 from S4 and slowly getting use to the change.

After watching hours of tutorials one item I'm not able to work out is why a new prop that has been added to my preview is not showing up in the sequence.

Now l though that this would be because its a new prop and I'm adding this to an old S4 sequence.

So when importing the old sequence to this new preview  as there was nothing sequenced to this prop in the old S4 sequence (as it didn't exist), I first thought that the new controller would just appear in the left menu bar of all the available controllers with no sequencing , but l was wrong.

So l thought it maybe it would be in the archive props and just needs adding. But again no, l was not able to locate it there either.

Just not sure now or were I'm going wrong and what the process is if you want to add a new controller into an old sequence.

I'm sure like most things l'm missing a step which makes it visible for sequencing but just cannot work it out.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


The arch above the star is the new prop, highlighted in blue in the left menu bar


Screen grab of Controller listing 



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Did you look in -Show All Items - from drop down menu - as you screenshot a User Created "3.01.0"  drop down Menu

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That has been my experience as well but I am adding props to Controller ID 4, 6, and 7 and none of those will appear in the preview.  I can see it adding those props to the sequence but they do not appear in the preview.  I even completely redid my preview in S5 thinking it could be a problem with moving from S4.  Same problem.  I've got the Pro license. Those controllers are going to be doing exactly what the LOR layout page shows for the setup.  

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If you built a prop in the Preview Editor, they better be showing up in the Preview Editor.  In the Sequencer, any additional channels will show up with using the "Show All" View, but will not automatically show up in any other Views that you may have built.  But it is easy enough to add the new prop or props to and additional View.


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They are there in preview editor and assigned a controller id and channel.  They show in sequence editor.  They do not show in the playback window when I play the sequence. 

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I recall seeing a note when adding a prop, and an effect channel, that it applies to new sequences.  Not sure if that is what your issue is.  Perhaps try creating a new sequence with that prop to see if it works.


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