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Trying to learn my way around preview on s5 and can’t find how to add icicle lights. There’s gotta be an easy way?

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when in Preview - select add - 6th one down "import an S5 prop file"

Save the file to > %userprofile%/Light-o-rama/importExport Folder

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OP- since I see this isn’t getting you anywhere fast.

I am assuming the file KYHI is sharing with you is probably RGB. Don’t know since I don’t have time to play with it.

I am assuming from your other threads you are wanting to add just normal store purchased LED i cycles. 
In the link below you will find a couple different types of ice cycle lights.

Download any of them and save anywhere on your computer.

In S5 on your Preview use the add function and select “import a vis, prop or fixture file”.

Now point to it and select.

You will See the message to keep assigned channels or something or channel set up.

You can assign the channels now or wait. But this would be the best time to set it up correctly.

Once you have your prop set up the way yoi like it now you can export and save “your new prop” in to the Import/ Export “ section of Light O Rama directory.

Do nor worry about the version of the props. 


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