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Burglars vs Lightorama


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Quick story:

Story to encounter below:

My wife Doris woke me two nights ago at about midnight with the baby in her arms scared that someone was trying to break into the house. My typical response was that she needed to cut back on the sugar and that the wind had just knocked something over. So rubbing my eyes walking down the stairs I hear a loud *THUD* and I go from Doris is scared of the wind mode to what the hell was that mode!

All the lights in the house were off and the only light was from the lampost out on the street shining into the house. As I got to the first floor I saw two dark figures right at the front door. Now I am pissed that someone actually is trying to break in the house........as I look a little closer I think to myself..."Damn that dude has some big ass ears!"

Needless to say we left a pumpkin on our porch and the two burglars were fighting over the pumpkin and the flower patch right below it. As my two burglars moved from my flowers to my expensive landscaping it was time for action!

I leapt to my feet and engaged the Christmas lightshow!

Needless to say my idea of scaring the burglars away with Trans Siberian Orchestra and an abundance of lights well umm didnt work.

It was pretty damn funny to watch two full grown moose just feet away bobbing their heads to the music and the flashing lights!

I made a video and posted it to youtube. If you do a search for Alaska Lightorama it should be one of the three videos there. As you can see from the other two videos the moose had quite the show!

Only in Alaska!
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