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LOR HUB error: Unable to Copy MP3 file with header stripped


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My LOR HUB appears unable to create a SD card.

I have made LOREDIT and LORPROT sequence files using LOR S5 Sequencer by following online instructions.

But in trying to add the sequences to to SD card repeatedly get above error. 

The SD card gets empty ~~~MP3 files with 0 bytes in them.  

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I ALWAYS reformat my SD card prior to using LOR HUB to write to it.  I am using Windows 10 and when the SD card is placed in the computer, a window opens with the contents of the card and also a "Manage" menu.  Under Manage - Drive Tools is a button to "Format" the card.  My experience in the past is that once you have the condition you both describe above, the only solution is to start fresh (aka re-format the card). 

Also, always "eject" the SD card; never just pull it out as that too has caused my card to become corrupted.

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Make sure the Format Type is properly selected - as there are 4 different "File System" format options...


SD cards must be formatted FAT16 or FAT32.

LOR recommends class 4 or higher for best performance.


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