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2020 "Christmas in Rowlett" Show Demo

Charles Belcher

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This is our 2020 show demo which takes our 18 minute show and gives samples of each segment.  This is live footage shot with both an iPhone X and a Canon 5D. 



Noted Video Times:

Entire video:

Projection mapping across the face of the house (you will spot the projector hut in some segments)
RGB "pucks" in the 2 cedar trees

LED net lights and strands in the big Pecan trees, installed while driving a 60' boom lift across plywood on the lawn


1:15  We make new video characters each year who talk about Christmas and set up the next song

2:19  Boscoyo bulbs on motors

3:10  Water fountain built with concrete blocks, pond liner and bilge pumps

3:21  The MistleTones, our animatronic house band

3:30  Coro tree on motor and

          Glass blocks on top of landscapes blocks with RGB strips under the blocks

3:40 Snow over the MistleTones heads

4:03 Wizard in Winter featuring Beat Saber on the lower screen, Launchpad on the upper screen

4:15  The magic comes together

Somewhere:  Bubble machine is churning out those bubbles







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