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New to this... where do I start?


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Hello all,

I have been looking into purchasing a LOR kit for a couple years now, and decided to finally pull the trigger. Looking for recommendations on where to even begin for a residential property. What started kit is best recommended, how many controllers, what software level? I saw a few options of bundles, either the PRO Series 16 Channel Starter Package, TSO Signature Series, or Showtime Central, which is best? 

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I'm new to this too!  I'm super excited to get all of it going.  I just bought the residential 16 channel and the generic starter kit.  It has everything to get initially set up.  Much cheaper, I got some sequences and stuff off ebay and some other people just to see how to do it from the beginning and I'll do my own stuff later on.  The beauty of all of this is they offer upgrades from all types of kits so even if you don't choose the "right" one, you can upgrade to what you want pretty easy.  

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