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Is This All I Need?

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Since Dan posted the sale info, I would like to take advantage of it and get everything I need to do a show this year (first one). I already have one 16 channel deluxe hobbyist board as well as the serial adapter, ethernet cable, and software. I do not want to tie up a computer to run the show, so if I want 48 channels, will this be all I need:

LOR Director (LOR-DC-MP3), the CTB16D that I already have, and two of the 16 channel DIY kits.

I know I will need to get enclosures, power cords, etc., but is the above list correct?

Also, where does the Director get its power? Do I need a separate power cord for it or does it get its power from a controller or some other component that I do not have listed above? Can I connect the Director to my desktop computer, without the controllers, to upload the sequences and then install it with the controllers (since my desktop has a serial port and my laptop doesn't)?

Thanks for any guidance.

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The director gets it power from the controllers. It also has a barrel connector for a standard 12V AC or DC power brick. (5.5 mm connector)...

The MP3 director comes with USB card writer and a SD card. So you download the show to your from your PC to the SD card then plug the SD card into the MP3 player.

The only thing I see missing from your list is two more Cat 5 cables to daisy chain on the new controllers.

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