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Slowly transitioning from S4 to S5: Show Editor doesn't show which sequences are S5


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I'm using a bunch (most) of my sequences from last year, when I ran S4. The Show Player plays them fine. (It appears to convert everything into a LAS/LMS file anyway.)

However, I can't look at the Musical tab in the Show Editor to see which sequences are S5. For example, I have a file from last year named "Jingle Bells.lms". I'm working on converting it to S5 (which takes time, because of a couple new channels I've added this year, and the RGB conversion problem I mentioned in another topic), so I'll eventually have a "Jingle Bells.loredit".

If I'm working on the conversion, I may want to know: "Which sequences to I still need to convert?" If I bring up the Show Editor, it shows simply "Jingle Bells" in the Musical tab. It doesn't tell me if it's "Jingle Bells.lms" or "Jingle Bells.loredit". Is there an easy way to tell?

A related issue is when I do convert a song, I add it to the show with the Show Editor. I want to put it in the same place, so I add "Jingle Bells.loredit", then move it up to where the old "Jingle Bells" is. However, if I'm not paying close attention, I don't know which "Jingle Bells" to delete, since the Show Editor shows them exactly the same. Suggestions?

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ALL of my sequences have the revision date as part of the file name.  For example, Jingle Bell 2020-11-17a.  At least that way I know when I revised it.  In your case, most likely if it was revised this year, it's S5.  Of course you could put S5 as part of the filename.


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