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Superstar sequence: an audio VU meter spectrum display


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Hi all,

This is my 2nd year into this hobby and my first RGB tree.  Can someone please tell me if the superstar software can auto sequence the song using the VU meter and display the tree with the volume spectrum?  This way if you don't have time to sequence the song, you can just let the tree dance to the music.  If someone already did something similar, please share your knowledges.  Greatly appreciate it.  Please see attached for illustration.



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In superstar, in the "instant sequence" dialog box there is a "movement" setting. You can set the movement to "VU meter"

It is not really a VU meter, but it sort of acts like one, but it will do the VU meter at the top of the ribbons. If you don't get enough movement on the bars you can click on the "Timing Map" button and then in the timing map enable a few more Freqs for each of the rows.

If you need further instructions let me know.

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