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Some questions on S5 and SS for Matt


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1. I have successfully opened and converted my 36 S4 Christmas sequences to S5 and they playback fine in the preview window.

2. In a couple of the sequences I saw some issue with the  Ribbon channels that were created by the prop.  Decided to "re-insert" the SuperStar sequence.   So I selected the Ribbons+6chStar row and right clicked on the first cell but no Insert SuperStar effect is listed as an option.  It apparently is not recognized as a motion effect row.  It is in some and others it is not.

3. What are the 4 rows created by the prop import?  Expanding them they seem redundant.  Do you keep all of them or do you delete some?

4. As mentioned I now have all of my Christmas sequences working in the preview window but I could not replace the SS sequence in the majority due to the behavior described.

5.  So I started on my Halloween sequences.  Followed similar process opening the S4 into S5 after creating a full preview which also includes the imported CCR prop. 

6. Upon testing in the preview playback I noticed only half of the CCR tree was playing.  The ribbons 1-6 row has a triangle next to it.  In the Halloween sequences the Ribbons+6ch Star did display the Insert SuperStar effect in the menu after a rig click.  After allowing it to open in SS opening the file and closing it saved to the S5 sequencer.  The full tree played back in the preview but I started seeing timing issues or delays between the 2 halves of the CCR tree. The two halves of the CCR tree are out of synch.  Why didn't it display ribbons 1-6 on initial open and conversion to S5 in the Halloween sequences?

7. Why are the CCR tree prop rows not recognized as motion effect rows in the Christmas sequences when converting an S4 file?

8. Why is only half the CCR tree displayed during the initial open/conversion in S5 for the Halloween sequences and after a reinsert what would cause the timing issue between the two six ribbon sets?

9.  Any recommendations on a procedure to follow to open an S4 lms file with a SuperStar sequence and have it recognized as SS in the S5 version?

Also attaching an S4 Christmas sequence opened and saved as an S5.


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I'll leave most of this alone since I don't use SuperStar, but I do have one comment on Grid views.

The System generated Show All Items has very limited abilities to be customized and is probably best left alone. You can create your own custom grid view with any combination of channels and props and their motion rows, somewhat similar to the old Track function in S4. Explore the grid right click menu and the Grid View Menu dropdown next to the Show All title.

If you already knew all that feel free to move on.


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Thanks, I work in Grid view exclusively with everything visible expanded except the RGB CCR ribbon channels at this point as it looks like my S4 view.  I have 360+ channels/rows of legacy LOR.   Added the CCR tree about 6 years ago....36 Christmas sequences each with a SuperStar animation sequence embedded.  Never used tracks in S4 or previous versions, so everything is visible.

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