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S4 Visualization File for the LOR Singing Trees


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If you are using S4 and have one or more LOR Singing Trees you will want to have this visualization file. It has 4 singing trees. They all look the same, but they correspond to Elden, Felix, Ralphie and Zuzu. The one in the upper corresponds to Elden and uses unit ID 30. The one in the upper right corresponds to Felix and uses unit ID 32. The one in the lower left corresponds to Ralphie and uses unit ID 34. The one in the lower right corresponds to Zuzu and uses unit ID 34.

But the names that the trees correspond to are not that important. What is important is the unit ID. Whichever tree or trees correspond to the unit IDs you are using, those are the trees you want to use in the visualization.

Copy the attached visualization file to:

c:/ (your lightorama folder) / Visualizations / Editor


In superstar, do the following:

Click on the "File" menu and select "Import Visualization"

When the "import visualization" dialog box appears I suggest setting the sequencing grid "max rows" to 20. But any number that is 8 or larger will work.

Set "Vertical" and "normal"

click on "Ok" and import "SingingTrees.lee" 


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