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Single Pixel Singing Tree images with colors

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Currently, when you click on "Auto-Sequence Singing Faces" the "Singing Faces" dialog box appears and there is a button labeled "Load Single Pixel Images for 4 Standard Singing Faces."

When you click on the "Load Single Pixel Images for 4 Standard Singing Faces" you get images added that match the LOR singing trees. But the images in them are all white. I did this with the idea that the images would work with any singing face of any color to cover folks that are using traditional lights for faces.

But if you are using the LOR singing trees then you will want the images to have colors. I have made a file with images that have colors and the names of the images match the names of the LOR singing trees, Elden, Felix, Ralphie and Zuzu. To use this file do the following:

1) Go to c:/ (your lightorama folder) / Superstar / Clipboards / System

2) Rename the file "SingingFacesSinglePixelImages.scb" to something like "SingingFacesSinglePixelImages_white.scb"   This is just so you will have it for later use if you want.

3) Copy the attached file to the same location


Now when you click on "Load Single Pixel Images for 4 Standard Singing Faces" you will get colored images with names that match the LOR tree



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