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Good Morning,


My show started to work last night and then stopped. I am running CTB16PC Generation 3 Residential Series with uMP3g3 Generation 3.

The blue cat 5 wire is running from Controller 1 to the Director. and the long Cat 5 cable is running between Controller 1 and Controller 2.

When plugged in and turned on the show director starts with a solid light and then after 30 seconds to a minute the light showing power to the show director goes out. It is powered because the FM transmitter takes over the radio station and plays static. The lights do not turn on.

 I did do a reset on controller 1 as thats where the power comes from. Do I maybe need a new Cat5 cable?

Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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The color of cable does not really matter. HOW LONG between the Director to the 1st controller, does. 

50' is the Max.

You can also power the Director with a 12V (center +) wall wort (these are very common. Many PC Monitors use them, Security Cameras...)

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