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Copy sequence with SuperStar effects from sequencing computer to show computer


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I have one sequence that is not showing the SuperStar effects when it plays on the show computer. I did figure out that when I copy sequences from the sequencing computer to the show computer I have to copy the SS_*.AVI file as well as the *.loredit file. The trouble is I have several SS_*.AVI files and I don't know which ones go with with sequence.

Is there a better way to copy from a sequencing computer to a show computer?

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I can't speak specifically to the SuperStar files, but I would suggest you just right click on the LOR root folder and copy everything folders and all.

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I'm not in front of a computer that has LOR installed, but in Sequencer on the menu under Sequence (I think) is a menu item for File References.  That will list the ones that are required.

This has made it FAR easier to have each song in it's own directory.


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