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First issue in 8 years


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I started using LOR in 2012 and haven’t had an issue until this year. I’ve been running the same show and laptop since 2015 and when I went to turn every on NOTHING! So I went to add my and schedule editor said “show cannot be saved” so then I tried a show on demand and it said “error with sequence annoy open file”. So I auto configure >refresh and the same then happened again. So I renamed and downloaded the show to a flash drive (like I’ve alway done)and the same thing. My controller is on v1.11 and my firmware is v4.2.10 anyone else have-had these issues?

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Which Windows version. Has the machine been updated, or shown the internet.

First thing I would try would be full reboot. No sleep or hibernation.

Then if that doesn't do anything uninstall LOR, download a fresh copy and reinstall. It shouldn't affect your files, but always have a backup.


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