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Lights Stop but Music keeps playing


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Same show as last year so I know it works. 16 Pixel tree. I haver replaced the Pixie 16 controller, sd card, and cannot figure this out. The lights stop playing a few minutes in, sometimes it will complete a song and sometimes not. The SYNC LED blinks like it lost connection, however when a new song starts it all syncs up and starts playing (with lights). What am I missing? And it doesn't start over it continues where it left off. 

I thought maybe it was my LONG Cat5 cord, but I tried a shorty and it does the same thing. 



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Okay here is what I have tried:

2 different SD Flash Cards

Replaced the Power Supply

Replaced the Pixie16 controller

Ran power to the Mini Show Director (which I have never had to do before). This is a brand new G4 version. 

Replaced all of the cat5 cords. 

Still same result! Lights play for a few minutes and then go blank while music keeps playing. 

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Upgraded my license to Pro, Not sure how the light show ran last year and not this year. Redumped files to SD Card, Noticed I now have Enhanced files in addition to the regular ones and the best news is it seems to all work!

Thank You!


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