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Simple mini tree with CCC 200 pixels - can starting location be different on each port?


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Trying Tree 90 prop for a mini tree using the CCC II.  Each string (200 nodes per port).  When I set it up for 2 string with 100 nodes per string I enter 4 folds and it looks like it's built right...   selecting Starting Location seems to pertain to both ports - like, both ports have to start from Left, or Right...  I strung my tree for each port to go outward from the middle...  so I think I need the left side of the tree to start from right and the right side of the tree to from the left.  Clear as mud?  Screenshot attached.

I did it so that I could keep the controller in the middle on the ground without needing extensions...  and to keep it even  10 columns of 20 rows...

Do I have to re-string my tree?



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First of all, note that you did not create it for what you want.  Since you want each string to be five vertical columns, you want four folds (not five).  What you created creates six columns that will be either 16 or 17 pixel high.

As for getting the tree to match what you built, I suspect that you will need to build each half of the tree as a separate prop and then put them into a horizontal group.  If you really feel that it needs to look accurate on your preview (it doesn't), you may want to create it as individual lines (likely as Lines connected or maybe lines unconnected).  That would be easier than rebuilding the tree.


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Thx for the reply - ya I meant 4 folds....   I'm just going to restring half of the tree so they both start on either Right or Left so I can visualize it better - I'm barely hangin on understanding this stuff...

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