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Sorry J if you couldn't see it.....the photographer was slightly umm *burps* so I will have to talk with that guy.

What I ended up doing was putting up 4 different LED strings with the colors (Red, White, Blue, Green) spaced an inch apart and using fades and rapid switches during the sequences. I must admit sometimes the colors just meld in person so I really like how it turned out.

I'll try to get something a little clearer up there in the near future. I think it's probably the 10 degree weather mixed with the rum and cokes that add that lil *shake* to the camera.

I did however put up two new videos with one documenting the Alaska Moose versus Lightorama encounter. I hope you enjoy them because it sure made me laugh at 1 in the morning.

Do a search for Alaska Lightorama and it should be one of the videos posted.



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