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Auxiliary networks error SD card


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I'm trying to load a show onto an SD card which uses a RGB pixel tree.  I used the following tutorial to get my sequences into the superstar sequencer.

(282) Light-O-Rama: Using a purchased SuperStar sequence in ShowTime Designer Pixels (aka: S5) - YouTube

When I get it onto the SD card I get the following message-

"The maximum number of networks supported is 1, additional auxiliary networks will be ignored."

I assume this is going to cause some issues.  What network should I be using for the pixel tree?  Thanks.

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If you have a mini-director, then it can only support one network. Can't run two networks out of the same cable.

You would need to put the Pixel tree on the same network as your other controllers. However, this might (might) cause other problems. Take a look at the Network Speed Page http://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/ look for your mini-director, your pixie and your controller(s). If they all share a like check box in the "speed" column, you'll have no issues.

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