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Can't get CTB16PC Board to Play Sequence....NEWB here.


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Hi Everyone,

Thought I had this down but got held up today.  I bought a singing Christmas tree and pixel tree sequence from holiday sequences, to which I can get the 16 ribbon pixel tree displaying great on my Pixcon controller through my ethernet jack, however the CTB16PC board will not play the show through the RS485 adapter via USB.  The CTB board tests fine (I can change the unit id, test the lights through the utility).  Once I run my show it won't work, and I cannot manually activate the lights through pixel editor.  I've confirmed within my show that the channels and unit id matches the board.  

What might I be missing?

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Since you said you are using Pixel Editor, is the LOR network set to Enhanced?  And is the CTB16 a Gen-3 controller (the status LED on the board normally is Green rather than red)?


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The check box is checked for the enhanced network and the status light is solid green when the LOR control panel is open.

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