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Any Way to Enable Channel Level On Pixie Controller Props in an RTG Sequence?


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I picked up some RTG sequences a couple years back, but they wouldn't work with my Pixel Tree. The RTG sequences just run the first light in each string, no matter what I try, even when I configured the controller to give each port a resolution of 1 so that each string should act as one dumb pixel (which works on non-RTG sequences). I have CCRs that this works for, but can't get it to work on a Pixie 8 or Pixie 2. Any magic solution?

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in S5,you will have that outcome if you only have the prop setup as a dumb or traditional string of lights. they have to be set as smart pixels, .. i am not familiar with pixels in S4... but each port on a pixie is a different unit ID.

Port 1 = Unit ID 01

Port 2 = Unit ID 02

Port 3 = Unit ID 03   and so on.....

I dont have an answer, but I would check these if it were S5.



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