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LOR TSO Upgrade SD card-Need help making it work


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Hello; I purchased an LOR TSO upgrade card to run my LOR 16X25 pixel tree, its say plug & play, but i insert it into my mini director with everthing hooked up and i only get sound from the FM transmitter, no lights from the pixel tree or 16 channel controllers. all of my non pixel SD card work all controllers just fine

mini director=uMP3g3 gen 3 director.

4-CTB16pc gen 3 residential controllers  

Please Help!

thank you!


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I also purchased the pixel tree for use with the TSO Showtime Central card and am having a similar issue. I wonder if we need to set the pixel controller Unit ID to 40 as it looks like it is preset to Unit ID 01, which your standard controller may already be using. I am new to this so not completely sure, but will let you know when I hear back from the helpdesk. 

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I tried setting my tree's unit ID to 40, and patched straight from my main controller to test, tree didn't work, I ended up having to update the firmware on my built in mp3 director

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