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When I made the switch to S5, I remember that there are a couple ways to change the RGB order, ie, by using the prop preferences or the configuration in the hardware utility.  I thought I read that one of these takes precedence over the other.  We are using Pixie 16 controllers for all of our pixels.  We did change the RGB configuration to BRG to match our pixels with the hardware utility of the Pixie 16.  However, we did not change the order in the prop definition, which remains defined as RGB.  When running the pixels, they still light in the wrong order.  I assume it must be necessary to change the order in each prop definition also.  Correct?  Also, am I imagining that I read that one of these (either hardware or software) takes precedence over the other if there is a configuration conflict?

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NEVER, NEVER, NEVER change your sequencing (or in the case of S5, your Preview).  ALWAYS leave it RGB in the software.  Adjust the color order in the pixel controller.  I am not aware of any pixel controllers that do not allow changing the color order in the controller.  Some are more limited than others, but all can do it.


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