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Finished Sequencing!


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I have finished sequencing this year's show tonight! Boy, it's been a long ride, and I've heard that danged music so often that it's burned into my memory. But it's finished, and that part (at least) is now behind me.

Well, it's not 100% finished, of course, but the main show piece is done. What I have left is the DMX stuff, but that'll be put in after I get the main display up. Then, I'll just sit in the front yard, see what goes where and how best to align stuff, etc. No real biggie and I'm actually looking forward to that part.

Backing up a bit, this is my first year with LOR. I've been an AL guy since my first display in 2005. The learning curve for Animation Director was huge. But after my switch to LOR earlier in the year (specifically because of LOR2/S2) I've had a blast. The software lets me sequence stuff BETTER and vastly QUICKER than I could ever have done with Animation Director.

This isn't a knock against AL and/or AD. S2 just fits me and my style of sequencing much better. And it gives me SO many options in how to sequence. I can use the tapper, the waveform, the beat finder or (my personal favorite) slow the music down to 1/2 speed and listen for a note. And there are probably other methods that I haven't discovered.

Suffice it to say that, although AD does offer some features that S2 doesn't, S2 is still light years ahead of any competing product. I switched to LOR, and I'm staying put!


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