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It's time to ask for help - trouble with pixel tree (8 strings x 50 pixels) in S5 and auto sequence from SS


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I have finally been able to incorporate the auto sequence for a pixel tree in SS and import into my S5 sequence. However, I have concern because I can't find my rgb pixie tree in my visualization when I bring up a previous sequence.

So first time really playing around with S5, old sequences I open reconfigure and on my first sequence I tried this with I adjusted my Preview Window to include all my props. I can see the pixel tree added in my PreviewWindow but I can't see it when I Save preview window and try to work on my sequence.

If I change my view from the sequence header to SHOW ALL ITEMS, I can then find the Pixel Tree. I can then highlight the row, go into SS, create a pixel tree sequence and add it back into my original sequence in S5.

My concern is, will this cause problems when I finally play the show on the controllers?

2ndly, I created 2 pixel trees originally. One trial and error from trying to figure out how it should be arranged and then another I finally figured out by importing the pixel tree image from LOR. (I put them on different unit #'s to start with so I could keep them separate- and hopes of deleting one once I figured out the whole SS sequencing). Funny thing is, I went and deleted my version (1)  Pixel tree out of my visualizer/prop so I only had the LOR version (2). The first sequence I added the pixel tree from SS to I was able to place on correct sequence line for Version 2 unit #.  But when I went to try and sequence a pixel tree for another sequence, the version 2 pixel tree I kept in my visualization has a sequence color that is black with little white x's down it and it won't allow me to use it as an rgb row. However, the Version 1 pixel tree still shows up as RGB capable row at the end of SHOW ALL ITEMS and seemed to let me pull in an SS pixel tree sequence?  It's still downloading so it might not work but it at least let me go into SS using the deleted pixel tree unit row on sequence editor (S5).



Lastly, can someone confirm that my network set up will work?

I normally have all of my standard controllers one one network (lower speed) and my 12 CCR tree on an advanced high speed network. I was going to continue using the advanced network for my 12CCR tree,  my new Pixel Tree and a new Pixie 16. However, I had to purchase a new CCRII ribbon to replace a ripped original CCR ribbon.  I was told by LOR Help Desk that I couldn't put a 2nd generation controller with a 1st gen controller (which would be 11CCR ribbons and regular LOR controllers).  Would love some clarification on how to make this all work.


LOR Controllers and 11 ccr's on lower network??

Pixel tree, Pixie 16 and CCRII on higher network??

Will that affect my 12 ccr tree from staying in sync?



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Finally figured out how to get the pixel tree working in the Sequence Editor but would still love any feedback on first gen vs. 2nd gen controller configuration.



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