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Moving from one Computer to another


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I was moving from one computer to another. I loaded the software, then moved my sequences and shows.

I had to edit each sequence and reattach the audio file. And I had to totally rebuild my show.

WHat am I missing? Can you not copy the directories to another show and have them play?


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LOR looks for sequences and song files in certain directories by default. You specifiy these places when you first install the program - it tells you "Light-O-Rama needs to know where you would like to store your data, such as sequences and audio files", and asks you to choose a folder.

In the folder that you pick, LOR creates a "Sequences" subdirectory and an "Audio" subdirectory.

If you kept your song files in that "Audio" subdirectory on the old machine, and you moved them to the "Audio" subdirectory of whatever folder you specified on the new machine, you would not have to modify your sequences when you move them to the new machine - LOR would automatically find them in the specified place.

If you didn't keep your song files in that subdirectory, though, the sequence has to know exactly where they are, and so when you move to the new machine, you may have to change the sequence to tell it the new location.

A similar thing applies with sequence files: If you keep them on both machines in the "Sequences" subdirectory of whatever folder you picked at install time, you shouldn't have to modify your show files to tell them where the sequences actually are.

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