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Light hanging techniques, has anyone seen this?


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I have seen, in this forum, people affix their lights to 1”-2” painted wood strips and then hang those on eye bolts/screws .... makes take down and setup fairly easy once the lights are attached.   My question is does anyone have information or pictures of somebody doing this with rain gutters rather than wood strips?   I talked to a guy a number of years ago that I want to say bought rain gutters, drilled holes through the sides, had all the wiring inside the gutter and the bulbs screwed into the sockets through the outside.   These would then be hung with the opening of the gutter facing down.   This resulted in clean wiring, protection from the weather, and a material that holds up better than pvc piping, and a rigid surface to hang on permanent eye bolts.   Anyone seen something like this?

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I can't say I've seen the rain gutters, many, myself included use J channel. I use simple binder clips to hold it under the soffits.  Easy to remove.  here is a picture of something similar I found on google.


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