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Robert F

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I bought a superstar sequence 16 CCRs with 200 RGB Star at Top but i have  a 6 channel star with 270 pixels  is there a way to make the sequence run my star Help 

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First of all, I assume you do not have a 6 channel star with 270 pixels, but rather a six channel star with dumb LED strings; or more likely a six ring star with 270 smart pixels for a total of 810 channels.  It may sound like I am splitting hairs, but there is quite the difference.  Please do not refer to an output from a pixel controller as a "channel" - it is not.  Doing so only adds to confusion.

Assuming you really mean you have a six ring, 270 pixel star, without doing any re-sequencing, the best you can do is get five of the six rings to work.  To that is just a matter of getting the channel assignments lined up.


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18 minutes ago, Robert F said:

Its A 6row star with 270 smart pixels 

The assuming you have the Boscoyo star the mapping is probably different than Briand star. Unless you custom place the nodes to fit and modify it may not look great. I have the 270 BS star as well. I sort of wish I had a different star, I purchased my star a long time ago and totally forgot about it until I was putting things away last year. It may make the show this year.



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