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We have been using v5.3.6 Pro for the past year. The finishing touches were put on a sequence today and the laptop was shut down. Upon boot up later, a “crosshatch” pattern is showing on the timing map on every sequence (even a new one) and we no longer have the option to insert motion effects. When we right click to insert a motion effect, the option is literally not there. A search for the LORpalettes.xml showed that it’s there. Any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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That crosshatch i think you are referring too means there is no motion effect row for that specific prop. On the left side of the grid where all the prop names are listed right click on the prop in question and select "add/modify motion effect rows", you will probably see there are no motion effect rows, simply select add and okay and then your row should turn black allowing you to add motion effects.


.... or...


for some crazy reason after the boot up your account became unregistered to sequencer or downgraded somehow to like basic, check the top of the screen and verify its still pro, if no just go to about and register then it should update you back to pro.


Hope this helps

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