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For All You Newbies (like me)

Bubba in NV

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All you newbies... just keep plugging at it. The sequencing is the hardest part. (to me anyway) Making it run is easy after you learn how everyting falls in place. I just had my first showing this Halloween.

I had a 10 pumpkin 3 floodlight show with 5 songs and a thunder and lightning filler between each song to test my 16 ch controller. A Ramsey transmitter and for Halloween night a 200 watt FM stereo out in the yard so everyone could hear it outside.

It was great. I ran it for 3 weeks. The entire town came out during that time, and on Halloween night there were cars lined up for two blocks out past my culdisack bringing their kids to the house. LOTS OF KIDS!

I had zero sequencing problems after the learning curve, zero show problems and zero equipment problems. (1 power failure, but thats common here when the wind blows) The controller is right at 100 feet from the computer and the USB/ethernet booster works great and always connected.

I have the songs for Christmas already scheduled and set to go on the old desktop computer out in the garage. Just need to set the lights and I am good to go. But its only 16 channels, not hard to do at all.

I have the LOR160xW controller. (two power cord input). It worked fine every time I turned it on even during the learning phase. Never had a connection problem even with 3 different computers. (my desktop that I used to sequence with, my laptop to test the controller with and test tansfering sequences between computers, and my OLD HP Win200 desktop out in the garage to show with)

So keep pluggin along. If I can do it..... you can too....

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