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Text is backwards as well as going the wrong way

Paul Godard

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Are you saying the text appears backwards when playing from the Sequence Editor to your actual lights? If so, make sure the visualization matches your actual light display. For example, if it is a horizontal matrix and the strings on your actual display start on the left, make sure the strings in your visualization start on the left.

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1 hour ago, Paul Godard said:

Hi , In SS I have some text and it looks great. I export it to sequence editor and the text is backwards and travels right to left but should be left to right.  

Thank you 



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I see Brian has replied and he's great at CS. His questions and remedy is on target.

At the user level and someone that has been there a couple of times.

What controller is this?

WHat is the string configuration? straight/ zig zag/ snake

What is the controller configuration in the HU? zig zag

Is it a DMX controller and you set the controller to zig zag? And at the same time set the Prop Def to fold? If so turn one of the zig zag or fold off.

Need just a little more info to go off.


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