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Motion Packs?


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Looking at LOR purchased sequences.   What are "Motion Packs", and can they be used in S4?   If so, can the be edited, and changed, to work with E1.31?

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Per this, http://sequences.lightorama.com/MotionPaks_ep_55.html and this: http://sequences.lightorama.com//assets/images/SequenceDownloads/ReadMeFirst-MotionPaks.pdf - Singing faces Motion Paks require at least 4.4.6 (or, just for the record, 5.5.2)

They are not designed to be standalone, meaning you have to own the sequence they are associated with. I know with the YCM versions you can edit the the MP's. I don't know (but doubt) about the RTG's.



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