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Yesterday while making repairs to storm damaged props the show ran perfect. No hiccups.

I did notice some effect I had written to my spider web or spinner were not present while playing but didn’t have time to research the problem.

At about 7:30 the show crashed as about 50 people were out front watching.

I went in and attempted to open the sequencer, it wouldn’t open. I shut the computer down and reopened , it wouldn’t reopen.

It took me several attempts of shutting down and reopening before the sequencer would reopen.

The show was down for 17 mins before it started playing again.

When it did start I noticed that the spinner, spider web and left side of my roof sequence in one song appeared to cross populate.

I posted  my Halloween show in the Halloween Show thread. You can see this in This Is Halloween Sequence.

No changes were made at any time yet the bats flying through the spider web went to the spinner and the roof section on the left.

I guess I will update to 5.5.10 I just wanted to mention this to see if it was happening to others.

In that sequence I had bats flying across the entire house effect and the spider web but did not have sequence written to the spinner and he roof line affected matched the rest of the house.

I may have a before and after crash video of the differences.


Before the crash - note that video was made right before the storm. But no changes were made since before that test.

After the crash


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