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Completely new, haven't bought yet, have questions


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Hi everyone, I will be completely new at this, this year hopefully.  I realize that I am WAY too late to start from scratch, so I am hoping to get some advice before I buy.

I am thinking about ordering the TSO signature series starter pack for this year. I wanted something different for this year and that pack looks like it has all of the necessities in it. I am replacing my old worn out incandescent with LED's as well. So I have a few questions surrounding the replacement of lights and the package and its capabilities. 

Starting with the lights. What is the most important thing to look for when shopping for LED lights to use with this kit? I would like to use one string but have it able to display different colors (but the whole string be the same color per instance, just able to change colors as a whole string).

A question about the kit is if I am hoping to really do a cool display where I can set individual lights to certain colors, would this kit be able to do it? I ask because I called into LOR this morning and think I was told that I would have to use the port that the tree option would plug into if I wanted to do that. If that is the case what additional hardware would be needed?

I have many questions but those are the 2 most important to me right now.

Thanks for your time, I look forward to seeing the responses. 

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That package is for AC lights (Led or Incan) because of the controller it includes

You can ADD Smart or dumb RGB (the kit lists the flood package option, the controller is a 12V Dumb , and could be used with any 12V dumb strings (Dumb= all 1 color PER PORT)

If you want Smart (Any node, Any color, you need to more or less roll your own from the other catalog pages. The Plug and Show stuff  (1st item) on the RGB page is just that. Add CAT5 to your base setup

There are the Assembled packages (all smart)

Many of us assemble our own (Controller, CG1500 case, PSU and optional dangles). Be aware that not all dangles are compatible. Plan on sticking to a brand  for each pin configuration if you vary your prop placement.

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