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5.5.10 still crashes using the SE

Box on Rails

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I updated from 5.5.8 to 5.5.10 this morning and I was sequencing a song just now and started getting a lot of lag using the Motion effects editor. went back to the SE and was still getting a lot of lag then it crashed. Completely shut down. I am starting it back up now. I am so glad I didn't update my show computer. it is running with no problems. 

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Crashed again right away while it was calculating the intensities for a fade I did on a 2 color fire works motion effect. this was the first thing I tried to do once I got my sequence opened. 


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5.5.6 did this to me today while loading the "new sequence".

It just shut down the entire LOR suite.

This is the first time it has happened to me in 5.5.6.

I was going to try the update to 5.5.10 now Im not so sure.

I guess a report was generated, the box flashed for a second before everything went away.


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I too am so experiencing severe lag times. In fact the sequence or locks up while watching preview and I am on able to get it to stop playing without enough flag it eventually just crashes. Frustrating at this time of year to be fighting software and I’m trying to get my last staff working with S5 in the new preview mode

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