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5.5.6 Another New Error Message


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Still setting up my Halloween show. Last night during testing I noted one of my 8 circles was doing the opposite of the other 7. 

Finally a little while ago I had a chance to poke around in my preview and sequence looking for a clue. Five seasons now for the 8 circles without any problem.

I found it in prop def where it was set for ccw start right side.

Changed it and wont know if it works until tomorrow. (today)

The preview has not been a good indicator of the problem since in the preview it shows them working as sequenced.

I mad some other subtle changes to the sequence and low and behold I try to save and I get an error message

"A problem occurred while saving the Preview File:

Parameter Not Valid."

Oh boy, now what do I do?

When I try to close it, it asks if I would like to save the changes. I say yes and the error repeats. I am hoping I do not lose my changes.

Anyone experienced this?

Thank you


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It appears that I did not lose anything from my preview or my sequence. The error is reproduced every time I tried to save the sequence.

I left it sitting since last night worried about what could happen.

However as my friend Phil said "at some point you have to move on and close it".

There were no additional error messages hidden behind the sequencer window.


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