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12V Dumb Pixels/Strips for Sale


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I bought some RGB stuff from a local decorator pre-Covid and won't be able to use it so trying to recoup my investment.

I have the following RGB strands (right word? ribbons?)  available. I'm pretty sure they were from WowLights as he had a lot from there, but I could be wrong. Male dangles which perfectly fit the CMB24D controllers I am selling in another post.

8 x 81 hole pixel strips

10 x 50 count pixel strands/ribbons. (I call them strands - a ribbon with red, white, green, blue wires). They were removed from the pixel strips.

2 x 40 count pixel strands/ribbons

2 x 30 count pixel strands/ribbons

Everything is individually sealed in a gallon zip lock bag.

Each bunch was plugged into a CMB24D controller and tested using the LOR hardware utility - I made sure to test each color, but that was the extend of my testing.

I would like $100 for everything. Also happy to discount if you buy the CMB24s I am selling.

Would prefer to sell local to the northern Ohio/northeast Indiana/southern Michigan area but I actually found a nice box for these so if you've got shipping money I can hit the UPS store.

I'd love to attach photos, but apparently maxed out my upload allotment so PM for pictures.

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