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james morris

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when i run verifier it says adding check old MC-P compatibility when i look it up it says it can cause puoblems my show is frezing up help

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We figure it not the problem yes t still freezing  up have a ticket open i had 4.4 and put a new version of ss in it I also have 5.5 but use 4 for my show I use the auto face when I ran the verifier it said wrong verification of ss so I remove light o rama and install 4.46 witch has auto face but still getting freezing I have a pixel tree and matrix with alpha pix controllers 3 regular controllers 

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It sounds to me like you checked the "Use MCP compatibility before you created your show, before writing your next show locate the MCP option and if it is checked UNCHECK this.   I thought I have to use it when I added RGB Controllers to my show.  I had the freezing up issue you are describing.  I went back and unchecked the Use MCP option and rewrote the show, everything flowed as it should.

So this is what I'd try first, but if this option isn't checked, then somehow it's getting checked or the software is thinking it's been turned on somewhere and could be causing this.   You need to find all occurrences of the MCP option and uncheck all of them.  I know it's in the HU and the Hub.

Good Luck!

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