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Perhaps another Bug


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While talking to Phil concerning changing intensities of which some happened to be SS effect therefore I had to change the intensity in SS. Very simple.

Once done I imported it to the Matrix Left prop. I have 2 separate matrix's props. Left and Right.

When it corrected the intensity in matrix left, matrix right only showed 1/2 screen.

Didn't save the data, shut down Sequencer. Reopened the sequence both worked properly.

Did the SS intensity correction once again however this time applied it to matrix right, matrix left showed 1/2 screen.

I copy pasted the working matrix in matrix left and both work properly. The problem with that is one matrix is controlled by a pixie which I can only control intensity the way I applied it. The other is dmx and the intensity is set through the controller. So the matrix will be to dim to see.

Recap- for whatever reason a matrix effect created in SS is affecting 2 matrixes in ME while attempting to correct intensity.

This is reproduceable as I was able to do it both times. I do not have screen video on this desktop but later can provide a screen video.


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