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PC Emulator?


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Are there any plans for a Mac version?

I use a Mac computer and run Fusion to boot into Windows XP. It all under the Mac OS, but all the hardware is available to Windows. For example, any USB device I plug in is visible to both Mac and Windows (and can be further set to be invisible to Windows to prevent clashes). Has anyone tried running the software like this yet? It's hard to say Fusion is a Windows "emulator" because it's the real Windows OS but using Mac hardware. I guess I'd say it's "Windows contained to a restricted space."

The Fusion software does a very good job of passing hardware resources to Windows, such as watching videos and using audio hardware, but this is the big unknown for me and might delay my setup quite a bit.

I'm not going to say that Windows or Mac is better, but I will say that I can't justify buying a new computer when I have a perfectly fine computer for my needs. Well, most of my needs up until now.


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