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S5.5.4 keeps crashing


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I keep having the software crash on me. It started after I upgraded to 5.5.4. I have submitted several error reports. I am trying to get a video of what is happening. But I have text on my mega tree as a "Text" effect. I open up the effect and copy the text. I then click on "TextPE" effect and it crashing instantly. I have had it crash probably 10-12 times now while changing effects (don't think it's all be changing the same effect). And I just had it happen when i just opened the effect and tried to change from "Text" to "TextPE". I opened the software and opened my sequence. Once it rendered everything, I went to the effect I wanted to change. Opened it up, click the effect to change it from "Text" to "TextPE" it crashed. I made a 20 second video of what I am doing when it does it. I can't attached the video as it's too big to post here

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Here is a video what is happening. I had just opened S5 and opened the sequence. Went to the effect and opened it and tried to change it when it crashed. 


50 minutes ago, MattBrown said:

Error reports have been received and will be addressed in the next release - coming soon.


Thanks Matt

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